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Neutrals and Br!ghts July 20, 2013

Feeling glowy and summery? Match your mood with bold jewel tones and happy neutrals! For instance, brighten up a room in a glowing yellow dress like the one by Ora Kiely (my go-to bright dress is a super cute bright yellow pleated dress by B. Smart – I’ve gotten so many compliments on that dress :P) , or add a exclamatory punch to your royal blue ensemble with a bright yellow bag like the Michael Kors clutch or a jewel tone shoe similar to the pictured Valentino pump 🙂

As always, you can pair your brights with neutrals (beige is a choice color this season!) to calm the outfit down without losing your sunny vibe… or start with a neutral palette as offered with the Van Mildert sheath and build on it with some bright accessories in your color of choice!

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment and share how you’re wearing your brights this summer!

~Christiana S.~

Neutrals and Br!ghts

Orla Kiely short dress
$310 – orlakiely.com

Darling lace body con dress
$62 – vanmildert.com

Prom dress
$76 – quizclothing.co.uk

Valentino cushioned shoes

Michael kors purse


Untitled (Polyvore Set) October 12, 2012

Untitled #385

Quba black cocktail dress
$185 – frockaholics.com

Fuchsia dress

Valentino oxford shoes

Sergio rossi shoes

Alexander McQueen high heel pumps
$975 – farfetch.com

KOTUR lace handbag

Janis antique earrings

Stone jewelry

Triangle jewelry


Valentino Spring 2013 Resort Collection September 22, 2012

Hi everyone! So I hadn’t done one of these in a little while (this week was a little crazy school-wise), so I figured I’d take some time over the weekend to do at least one 🙂
I was browsing through the designer lookbooks on style.com, and happened across Valentino’s Spring 2013 Resort collection…. and loved it!
So, here are some of my favorites 🙂

The colors in this are really adorable (they remind me of Easter!), and while I’m not crazy about the sheer part (I would’ve just used a silk or satin material underneath the flower overlay, and just made the dress strapless), I like the breezy, girly feel to the look.


Another “version” of the previous dress, that I also love – it’s semi-professional – I think it could totally work in the office with a royal blue silky blazer over top (thinking of the Amy Byer jacket in my closet right now :P) and a pair of nice pumps – but it’s also a dress that you can wear on your off days when you want to look dressy, but laidback.


Love it!! First of all, one of my favorite all time colors is red (so I’m a little biased). Second, red is one of those colors that is supposed to look good on every woman (which I actually agree with in most cases). And lastly, it has lace… and pockets. How can you go wrong? Seriously, though, I love the understated details and almost imperceptible lines (at the waistline and right above the skirt flare), and of course, the hi-low hemline, which, although not dramatic, is one of those things that just pulled it all together for me.


Ok… so it took me a little while to decide that I liked this dress… I’m not usually one for loose-and-bordering-on-baggy dresses, but I thought this one was neat. I love the color, but probably would’ve made the dress in a lighter, possibly a semi-sheer fabric with an airy print rather than something that looks like a heavy satin… But otherwise, it’s pretty cute, and reminds me of one of those old time prairie dresses 😛


Pretty, pretty, pretty! Gorgeous color, great pleating detail in the bodice and waist, and it drapes perfectly. Can’t say much else! Finish off the look with maybe a bib necklace with burnt orange stones and a pair of matching heels, and you have a perfect party (or even bridesmaid) outfit!


The 50’s shirtwaist is making a reappearance on the runway, and I’m loving it! I like the mix of crisp and relaxed in this dress (which I know doesn’t make much sense, but let me explain). There’s a psychological element to the shirtwaist that makes you automatically think crisp, even when you see this dress. Plus the white (which is a crisp, pristine color). However, the relaxed material, little bow, and drape of the skirt (especially in the hem) give it that relaxed feel as well. So hopefully that helped!


My first thought when I saw this dress was “Grandma’s closet” vintage… I really do like it though! I think the line of the dress is very antique-y, but I think it’s a unique office look for the brave and stylish soul! Just add a briefcase in the same color clutch the model is using, a couple pieces of modern jewelry, and a pair of office shoes, and you have a look that is no longer outdated, but classic and mod 🙂


Love the print. I wouldn’t have made the neckline as high, and probably would’ve gone with cap sleeves instead, but that’s why I’m not Valentino 🙂


Well, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that dresses similar to this are already in stores and probably will be for a while It makes use of the classic A-line silhouette and lace, but also includes little twists like the bubble hem and the lace pockets (which I think are interesting, but impractical – I mean, that’s the point of putting your hands in your pockets if everyone can still see them??) Oh well! Super adorable outfit though!


Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m crazy about animal print… and this is no exception… but aside from the print, I really like the ribbon sashes – not only are they very cute details, but they also break up a longer torsos.


Squealy mode!!!! Awesome print (again), and great color (yes, I do like hot pink when I’m in the mood xD). The crisp collar and cuffs are unconventional details that add interest and lend a unique quality to the dress. And the ruffles are so0o cute!! And the skinny patent leather belt just finishes it off… Totally a winning outfit for all of you girly-girls!

So on that note, I’ll end this post! Let me know what you think – leave a comment, like the post, and if you like what you see, just click the “Follow Me :)” button on the right side of my blog 😀

Hope you enjoyed!!


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