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Feathers – Fad or Forever (UPDATE) December 7, 2012

Hi again!! Here’s my latest installment in my collection of posts on the feathers trend 🙂

So on Monday, my fashion class took a fieldtrip to NYC and visited Cotton Inc. and the D&D (Decoration & Design) building, and got presentations/tours at each… long story short, it was awesome 🙂      And at the D&D building, I found another thing to add to my feathers trend, and the pics are below 😛

Basically, the peacock feathers are collected, then put together into a fabric, and this was the D&D display on the particular fabric.

Peacock feathers

Peacock feather display

The actual feather is REALLY just gorgeous. The colors are so rich and vibrant, and I can’t imagine how good the quality is… It’s beautiful, though.

Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather

This is just a closeup of the feather…. you can see how there are so many different colors in the feather that make up that gorgeous sheen…

Feathers (closeup)

Feathers (closeup)

These are the threads used to make the fabric. In the little part of the blurb on the picture I got in, you can see how the fabric is actually made.

Peacock feather thread

Feather threads

So not only are feathers in when it comes to accessories, but they’re also in when it comes to high quality, couture fabric. Hope you enjoyed this mini post! (Sorry – I thought I’d taken more pictures than just these, haha… guess not!)

Anyway, like, comment, read, whatever! Let me know what you think!



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