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Neutrals and Br!ghts July 20, 2013

Feeling glowy and summery? Match your mood with bold jewel tones and happy neutrals! For instance, brighten up a room in a glowing yellow dress like the one by Ora Kiely (my go-to bright dress is a super cute bright yellow pleated dress by B. Smart – I’ve gotten so many compliments on that dress :P) , or add a exclamatory punch to your royal blue ensemble with a bright yellow bag like the Michael Kors clutch or a jewel tone shoe similar to the pictured Valentino pump 🙂

As always, you can pair your brights with neutrals (beige is a choice color this season!) to calm the outfit down without losing your sunny vibe… or start with a neutral palette as offered with the Van Mildert sheath and build on it with some bright accessories in your color of choice!

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment and share how you’re wearing your brights this summer!

~Christiana S.~

Neutrals and Br!ghts

Orla Kiely short dress
$310 – orlakiely.com

Darling lace body con dress
$62 – vanmildert.com

Prom dress
$76 – quizclothing.co.uk

Valentino cushioned shoes

Michael kors purse


Golden Globes Fashion 2013 (Part 1) January 20, 2013

Hello!!! I’m back, and without an excuse this time, except that I was being lazy and taking advantage of my last week of break before spring semester starts again at college…. and cleaning my room (which, I have to say, looks amazing right now!).
Anyways, so a week after it all happened, here is my post on some of my favorite looks from the 2013 Golden Globe Awards last Sunday, split into two parts, because celebs? You really had it on this year, so congrats! There were so many awesome fashions, it was hard to pick just a few!
So here’s the first part!

Anna Gunn (Irene Neuwirth)

Anna Gunn in Irene Neuwirth

Love this dress! It’s really simple, and not something that you would immediately think of as glamorous, but the way it’s accessorized makes it look amazing! The pleating at the neckline and the blousing at the waist give the dress some interest points, and the collar on the dress just makes the whole thing click! While I would’ve liked to see at least shoes that matched the collar, Anna did a great job in keeping her accessories simple and related to each other. Plus the simple hair arrangement and peachy makeup just complete the look, and makes everything look flawless!!

Emily Blunt (Michael Kors)

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors

This is a fun design! I love the lace and the way it’s accented with the deep red crystals. Unfortunately, the high neckline doesn’t really do much for the dress; I would have opted for a small v-neck or a criss-cross bodice, but I’m not Michael Kors! Emily did a great job accessorizing this outfit, picking up the dress’ red accents with the earrings and bracelet… I would have loved to see her shoes though, but I could totally see a pair of dark red velvet cross-strap heels (like this pair by Nine West) with this dress 🙂

Francesca Eastwood (Giorgio Armani)

Francesca Eastwood in Giorgio Armani

My first thought: “Wedding dress!”. My second thought: “Her eyes are SO light!”. Anyways…. Love this dress! It does look pretty wedding-ish, though, but I think that’s mostly because Francesca (or her stylist) didn’t bother to accessorize it with non-wedding looking accessories. Maybe a pair of colorful glass chandelier earrings, or even a colored belt and a pair of bold peep-toe platforms… Too bad it was an event instead of her wedding 😦

Halle Berry (Atelier Versace)

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace

*sighhhhhhhh*…. now THERE’S a woman who ALWAYS looks good… Can’t really say much about this one… The print on the dress is gorgeous, and looks like it came straight off a graphic designer/water color artist’s computer! Her hair looks fab, the shoe choice is just right – it complements the dress without taking anything away from it. It looks pretty amazing! I probably wouldn’t have taken the slit up so high, but she definitely has the legs for it! Another score for Halle 😛

Eva Longoria in Pucci

Eva Longoria in Pucci

Can I say right now that I LOVE short celebs? I’m only 4’11”, so it’s always really nice to know that there are short people out there!
Eva, though, totally knows how to make herself look taller than she really is (the only thing that betrays her actual height are the people in the background, lol). First of all, she uses black strategically to slim, lengthen, and draw out her proportions. The sky-high heels, high slit in the dress, and the train also help to elongate her figure, as does the hairstyle, which adds another couple inches (*whispers – the real reason I wear my hair in large buns!!*). The only thing I don’t like (but I’m OCD, so don’t mind me!) is that she does nothing to incorporate the gold in the shoe soles into the rest of her outfit… To do that, I probably would’ve just changed out her earrings for something simlar to these, by Aurélie Bidermann 🙂

Hayden Panettiere (Roberto Cavalli)

Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli

Ok. I pretty much posted this because I love the dress! And the jewelry… And Hayden 😛  (She’s one of my favorite actors from “Nashville” xD)
I think everything about this ensemble was perfect, until she got to the clutch (and maybe the makeup, which isn’t the right color)… Hayden has this great thing going with the light pink color and the silver-white jewelry, but then it gets hijacked by the weird pink colored, boxy clutch, which throws off the color, the look, the shape, and kind of messes up the outfit for me! So I picked another clutch out for her – this one, by Asos (and yes it’s quilted, but the quilted pattern complements the lines and patterns in the gown bodice and skirt), is Empiredesigns approved 😉

Jennifer Lawrence (Dior Haute Couture & Chopard)

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture & Chopard

Never has the “Girl on Fire” looked so tall… The short bodice on this dress, skinny belt, endless lines and fullness in the A-line skirt, all combine to create an elegant, elongated, figure. The shade of dark salmon red, rather than being harsh and making Jennifer look pale, complements her skin tone and hair color, and creates a seamless, captivating look. Accessories are right on – subdued, simple, and streamlined – and work perfectly with the whole look.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Vera Wang)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang

This dress is super cool – I love the flower print and the tulle overlay, and the way the pale cream and the smoky grey have been put together! I would never be able to pull off these colors, but it works perfectly on Julia because her skin tone matches the pinky-cream, and her hair and makeup are in the same color family as the dark gray in the gown. I really don’t have a ton to say about this because everything is perfect! I might have added a short necklace that was either black or matched her earrings, but otherwise, I have no critiques to make! (I know, shocking!! :P)

Kristen Bell (Jenny Packham)

Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham

Another score!!! This dress is so spunky! I think my favorite thing about it is the multiple personalities it has, with the almost armored look in the bodice, the sheer insets at the top, the empire waistline, and drapey feminine skirt. The makeup and hair are perfectly suited to this look, as is the minimalist box clutch! Lovelovelove 🙂

Lucy Liu (Carolina Herrera)

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

Another one of my favorites, Lucy not only usually scores with her outfit, but she has the cutest smile and just looks like she has the most awesome personality! So I’m a little biased on this one, but even if I weren’t, I think I’d love it anyway! First off, her hairstyle is awesome… (my friend showed me how to do a fishtail braid over the summer, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed – except my hair isn’t long enough to do a nice one :Z). Second, the dress? Super fun! The oversize print and voluminous skirt make it look almost like a gown from the 18th century, but the hairstyle, decided pleats, and slim bodice make it very much a modern style! The powdery blue looks great with Lucy’s skin tone, while the dark green grounds the airy colors, and the light yellow and pastel pink complement the blue and green and brighten up the color scheme.

Naomi Watts (Zac Posen)

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen

Totally loving this dress on Naomi. Normally a neckline that high would look stiff and unforgiving, but the soft pleating, ribbon-ish inset panels, and keyhole in the bodice soften it up. The skirt subtly hugs her figure, while the cape-like train adds drama to the gown. And I didn’t notice this until about the 50th time looking at this picture (ok, totally kidding, I didn’t look at it that many times! :P), but the same ribbon detailing used in the panels in the bodice is used at the hem of the gown – perfect example of tying in seemingly unrelated details! Thank you Naomi!!
Oh, and I have to mention her hair…. which looks adorable… Loving the retro soft curl bob…

Shaun Robinson (Pamella Roland)

Shaun Robinson in Pamella Roland

I love teal…. and glitter…. So this dress is right up my alley! Super cute, but I think it could use a little more… For instance, the tube-top bodice does nothing for Shaun’s figure and doesn’t really fit with the drapey train look that’s going on… But switch that neckline to a halter or a sweetheart, and it’s 10 times better! Extra empirepoints for matching the clutch to the dress (safest, best-looking way to go, girls!), but the outfit really needs a different pair of earrings, an added necklace, and possibly a different color of nail polish, and maybe a loose updo instead of the half-do… but again, that’s just my opinion! Love the idea of the dress though!!

Alrighties! That’s the end of the first half of my Golden Globe review! Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for the last part later this week! Thanks so much for your support! Comment, like, and follow! Love you guys!!


P.S. – Photo credits go to Huffingtonpost.com 🙂
To see their full (amazing) slideshow, just click the link below!


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