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Happy Holidays!!!! December 25, 2012

Hey guys!!! Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!! I thought I’d commemorate the day with a style post for the holidays (and Christmas, of course :P)

Today, I got to use one of my Black Friday steals (been saving them for the holiday season!!) from Deb – they were having a 50% off sale on the entire store, so I got this ADORABLE burgundy colored ruffle halter top for about $9! Paired it with the cropped denim jacket from my “Mixing Metals” post and black pants that are pretty much like leggings, but heavier, warmer, and more comfy as far as I’m concerned!! To finish off the outfit, I’m also wearing “Black Lace Creme” by NYC on my nails, open toe pumps by Vigotti, the gold Charter Club hoop earrings my lil’ sister bought me this Christmas, and the necklace by Charter Club she got me last Christmas 😛


Yes, that’s my guitar, and no, I don’t really play!!

Hair and Makeup!!

Hair and Makeup!!


Cherokee cropped denim jacket – NO idea why this keeps posting sideways, but since you guys have already seen it before, I figured it wasn’t too much of a disaster 😛


Vigotti pumps – got these at least 2 years ago from Zappos.com – they’re starting to show signs of wear, but they’ve served me REALLY well, and i LOVE these babies 🙂


Vigotti pumps: Bow detail


My $9 Deb halter top! So in love with the ruffles and the Lurex – my version of understated sparkles and sequins 😛


LOVE these pants…. I think I wear them WAYY too much! The thing is they’re almost as cozy as sweatpants, but a LOT cuter (which works out for me, because I personally have a rule where I never allow myself to wear sweatpants unless I’m sick, dying, or crazy…. but that’s just me!!)

As for makeup, I’m wearing a little gunmetal-colored glitter eyeshadow from my NYX “Glitter Cream” eyeshadow palette (bought at ULTA for abour $5) and glitter eyeliner by NYX, topped off with my favorite Studio Gear mascara 🙂

The makeup look!

The makeup look!


The makeup look – Closeup 😛


Eyeshadow: NYX Glitter Cream Palette               Eyeliner: “Black Sparkle” by Palladio               Mascara: “Impactfull” by Studio Gear                Lipstick: “Deepest Cherry” by Maybelline


And to finish it off, I used a pair of Charter Club earrings and a necklace, both of which, my sister bought me for Christmas. These are classic staples that will go anything – I use the necklace all the time when I want to dress up an outfit or just accessorize. Super cute!!


Charter Club earrings


Charter Club necklace

Well, that’s my “short” style post for today!! I’ll do a couple posts before New Year’s on my Christmas Eve outfit (also compliments of Deb xD) and a quick one on my favorite semi casual party outfit (which will probably be out on New Year’s eve xD). Thanks so much for reading, following, and liking – it means so much to me!! You guys are the best!! Have a wonderful holiday season and a merry Christmas!!!!


P.S. – thanks to my sis for doing 90% of the photography for me!! Taking pictures of myself is a pain, so she helps a lot!! ❤


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