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Mixing Metals October 16, 2012

I’ve always wondered what the secret to mixing metals was. Often you’ll see a woman with a gold necklace and a silver bracelet and or earrings, and it just doesn’t quite look right. So I’ve been experimenting lately, and I have a few tips for those of you who love to mix different metals!

1. Pair them close together – The farther you put the different metals from each other, the more disjointed it looks. Pairing a air of silver earrings with a gold bracelet or shoes often disrupts the flow of things and creates a disjointed look. However, if you pair two bracelets – one silver and one gold, or a set of silver and gold bangles together, you get a mixed look that is cohesive and intentional. If you’re lucky enough to have two or more ear piercings, you can mix the looks there as well. And if you don’t want to wear just bracelets, try pairing long earrings with a shorter necklace to minimize the extra space.

2. Layer, layer, layer – Also similar to the first principle, layering clusters the different colored metals and makes it look intentional. The best way to layer is to layer lengths, colors, and textures. pair a short gold necklace with a long gold one, maybe with something in between, like I did here. Also note how each necklace has a different texture – the gunmetal one is skinny and light, the silver one is medium sized and simple, while the gold one is heavier and more richly textured. Doing this varies the look and adds layers of interest.

Principles 1 & 2 for mixing metals!

3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t mix metals – While many people are totally anti-metal mixing, it’s NOT against the rules! If mixing metals is something you’re into, go for it! Just keep in mind the few rules and tips I mentioned, and you can end up with a killer look 🙂


Just as an afterthought, metals are SUPER easy to find! I got the gold chain from my mom (who bought it as a piece of costume jewelry in her 20’s,) and I bought the silver and gunmetal chains from Fusion Beads (http://www.fusionbeads.com/), and just attached clasps to both of them (and I got them all for under $5). So don’t be afraid to borrow your mom’s chain necklace and pair it with the one you found out the flea market and the one your friend gave you! The trick is to go with it and just have fun!

As another afterthought, I experimented with a completely classic outfit this morning – hence the metal chains (definite classic – and YES it WAS classic before gangstas adopted it!!! @ my dad), denim jacket, blue jeans, and converse (come on, those are pretty classic :P).

So anyway, just post a comment, like this post, follow me, whatever – let me know what you think!


P.S – and I just realized that you can’t see my jeans or converse, but that’s ok! I promise I am wearing them 😛


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