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Making the most of EVERYTHING in your closet! June 5, 2013

Soooooo… long time no see!! It’s been crazy busy for me the past couple months, and I haven’t had any energy to write. But summer’s here and it’s time to get back on the ball… (we’ll see how long that lasts!)

Anyways, so if you read the title, you know what’s going on! We ALL have those dreaded days (even us fashion “experts” who aren’t supposed to) where we open the closet and feel like we have nothing to wear… well, the good news is, there is 🙂  There’s stuff in there, isn’t there? So here are my 3 things to remember when putting together outfits (which I got to try out on a good friend who was having the exact same problem trying to get together business casual outfits last week :P) that will help you conquer this feeling.

1. Get a pair of fresh eyes!

One of the best things you can do in this situation is to get someone else to go through your closet with you. And this doesn’t have to be a fashion person even (it would be awesome, but sometimes you don’t have that option) – just someone who can be objective, creative, and challenging – including a sister, close friend, or even a fashion-conscious mom! When I went through my friend’s closet, which she had been feeling bored and uninspired by, I literally saw and found piles of super cute clothes that could be paired up in multiple new and fun ensembles that she hadn’t thought of, resulting in me leaving her with several new outfits that didn’t cost anything! This fresh perspective can energize you and give you new ideas – fresh ways to pair up clothes that you hadn’t thought of or seen before!


2. Don’t write a piece of clothing off!

One thing my friend would say a lot when I pulled a piece of clothing was “Don’t you think it’s too churchy/casual/(replace with any occasion-specific adjective)”. This is one of the deadly concepts that tends to squelch your own creativity and innovation when it comes to your wardrobe. Instead of thinking of a piece of clothing as a “casual” piece, or a “business-y” piece, think of it instead as an accessory – an unidentified component to a thousand different outfits. In other words, don’t label clothing. We turned several pieces that she had considered too churchy or casual into outfits that were fun, adorable, and business-y, simply by pairing them with other things that brought that vibe to the outfit. By thinking of a piece as only useable for a particular type of outfit, you severely limit yourself AND your closet, making the process of choosing clothes boring and daunting.


3. Pairing is KEY!

My last point! To follow up with the second point, what makes an outfit is what you pair each piece with. The reason why the second point works is because you can take that “churchy” piece (in this case, a long floral skirt), and pair it with a sleek, simple shirt (here, it was a dark gray cami), a fitted blazer or quarter length sleeve sweater (like we did), and a pair of good shoes, and instead of having a “churchy” outfit, you have a nice business casual outfit. Not what you would have expected looking at that unwearable “churchy” skirt, huh? It wasn’t what she expected either. But by taking an objective perspective and challenging yourself to make it into something new you can make all the difference you need in your closet. I guarantee you there are a ton of things in your closet that you could pair with something completely different to make something new out of it. You can change a WHOLE piece of clothing by just pairing it with something different and even unexpected.


So there’s my “make the most of everything” advice! Before I end though, I have to thank my friend for letting me into her closet and putting up with me as I challenged her closet ideas! I would literally go through and pull the pieces she absolutely hated or thought would never work and have her try them anyway! Not something most people would put up with, so kudos to her! [Disclaimer: we DID make all of them work, so I didn’t LEAVE her in her in the clothes she hated :)] Anyways, thank you again, girl! You were so helpful in giving me insight to write this post and know that the points actually work 😉

For all the rest of you reading this, I really hope it was helpful, and don’t forget to be objective, creative, and open minded! I promise it helps a ton!

~Christiana S.~


One Response to “Making the most of EVERYTHING in your closet!”

  1. Erinn Says:

    Helpful tips! Can’t wait to see more posts…soon!! 😉

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