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Spring 2013 Trend Spotlight: Florals March 4, 2013

Hello again! Once again, it’s been forever since I last posted…. but school, life, and personal stuff… it gets crazy after a while and prioritizing is tops! xD

Anyways, with a little inspiration and research, I’ve managed to scrap up a post for you guys! Thanks so much for still following and supporting and reading, despite my spotty posts!

So this spring, there are several fun trends out, one of them being the timeless floral – hence the post! I’m hoping to do one on the Pantone color of the year, “Emerald” – I recently did an interview with a BCC fashion class about this color (which should come out in a local newspaper by next week :D), so I’m all up on THAT trend 😛

But one thing at a time! As in some of my other posts, I’ve looked around and found a bunch of clothing within this trend, most under $50 and all super cute! I’ve included links to buy each clothing article, as well as some of my own tips for how to wear this super spring-y trend! So without further ado, here it is 🙂


Work: pair with a black cropped blazer and classic black pumps                   Party: pair with a multi-strand pearl necklace and patent leather stilettos

Day-Date: pair with a lightweight v-neck sweater and flats (polka-dot would be ADORBS :P)

Casual: pair with cowboy boots (matched to accent belt) and a matching crochet sweater                   Party: pair with a dark moto jacket and gold filigree jewelry


“Into the Wild” floral print dress (Ruche) – $36

Casual: pair with hoop earrings and wedges                   Outdoor Party: pair with dangly earrings and sandals or flats

Day-Date: pair with coral-colored epoxy earrings, a bold colored watch and coral pumps 😀


Pair with pearl jewelry, khaki shorts, and sandals for maximum trend effect! This top is also the perfect canvas for the stud trend, so try wearing it with a large studded belt or bracelet set!

 Since the print on this top is larger and more concentrated, be careful about pairing it with busy objects. To avoid overload, skip the necklace, wear a pair of studs, dark leggings and flats. In other words, go simple and let the top be your statement piece 🙂

 Super cute! Keep the girly vibe going with feminine jewelry and dove gray accessories. Try picking up the accent colors in the leaves when choosing bottoms, and remember to keep the accessories light and feminine 🙂




The best way to wear printed bottoms is to keep the top solid. All of these skirts would look adorable paired with tank tops in any shade of gray, but if you want more color, try picking up accent colors in the skirts for a polished, coordinating look. If you dare to try print with print (I would not suggest this for people with small frames, as it can be overwhelming), make sure you’re matching large print with small print and vice versa – prints that are the same size compete for attention and end up being an eyesore!


For those of you who want this trend in smaller doses, or to accent an outfit! I’m pretty in love with all of these! Introduce them to an outfit for a pop of color and trendy awesomeness 🙂


Natural Floral Concealed Platform Court Shoe (Dolcis) – $53

And as always, there has to be an end…. Hope you enjoyed!!!! Like, comment, follow, and share! Love you guys!



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