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The Rustic Room February 9, 2013

Hey guys!!! Soooo sorry for the lack of posts! Spring semester has totally thrown me for a loop…. it’s SO crazy already, and I’ve been super busy with that plus work and really haven’t had time to sit down and do a really good post 😦
Anyways, hopefully this will hold you guys over! I was feeling inspired tonight, and decided to switch it up a little and publish an interior design post just because 🙂

So the room… the colors and the faded out quality of the room give it a weathered, lived in look, and while the minimalist color scheme may seem a little scarce and maybe even cold, the room still has a soft feel to it. Personally, I love the washed out browns (mostly in the couch and photo on the far left) paired with the rich gold (in the pillows and the middle and top right artwork) and cool blue-green (in the walls, floor, and pictures). The antique feel is brought out by the rough wood flooring, weathered dress form, and even in the text on “The Hobbit” artwork. The same antique feel is found in the handwritten script artwork and pillows, but here, there is also a soft, romantic feel to it (also present in the Paris photo). I also threw in a slight urban feel with the minimalist couch and the pillows (city graphics, bold text, animal print, etc.)

Anyways, to try and wrap this up and describe it, I would say this room is a bit of urban, industrialist, country, and romantic – a big mix of layered textures and feels (which is my absolute favorite way to do a room!). I could see this room as a small apartment in the city with a good landscape window view and somewhat sparing furnishings 🙂

P.S. – this is a total movie-buff friendly room xD (movie poster, film frames and movie-worthy shots :P)


“The Rustic Room” – click here to view the full set on Polyvore

I’ve also included a fashion design set that I made to coordinate with the interior design one just for fun 🙂
The colors and feel is pretty similar, but in the fashion design set, I’ve picked up on the more urban angle with the dress outfit and brought out the yellow accent from the one pillow on the floor…


“The Rustic Set” – click here to view the full set on Polyvore


Anyways, that’s all I have, but hope you enjoyed, and hopefully I’ll get a break on homework and be able to do a real post soon… O.o



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