Fashion and Interior Design… and a little more :)

<3 February 4, 2013

Hahaha, ok, so this set! Made it pretty much just for fun, but I LOVED the dress, and had a ton of fun working with the different colors and patterns to accessorize it! I played up on the cream and antiqued gold theme to make a rich combination that in the end reminded me of whipped cream and chocolate syrup ❤

Also did some experimenting with detail in the jewelry, and sprinkles of “shimmershine” (don’t laugh, I’m a creative person :P)  in the glitter accessories (still not sure about the clutch though…)

And OMG…. LOVE the shoes! A little bit of a higher heel would be awesome, but whatever… super cute xD

Anyways, sorry I can’t post more, but if you REALLY need a fashion pickup, just go back and read my old posts 😉



Friis Company glitter handbag
$42 – shopfriiscompany.com

Leaf necklace

Accessorize rose jewelry

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