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Spring Profile 2013 January 9, 2013

Hello again!! So this is an expansion on a collection of spring styling ideas based on colors from Pantone’s Spring 2013 color palette that I made on polyvore.com (which I’ve mentioned a few times, haha) . By the way, if you want to check out my account there, I have a ton of fun sets that I’ve put together in the 11 months since I joined (I couldn’t believe it had been that long), so just click here šŸ™‚

There are 10 sets in this collection, each of which are based on a pair of colors from the Spring 2013 palette (which I’m in love with, by the way – brights haven’t gone ANYWHERE :P). There’s not much to explain about it, but I really had a fun time making the sets and pulling all this stuff together, so I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed making it!! šŸ˜€

Spring Profile No. 1


Using derivatives of “Poppy” and “Monaco Blue” from Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette.

This look is fun and definitely looks forward to a nautical summer. The colors are primaries, but the red takes center stage here, while the blue works to support it. The neutrals pull the look together and prevent the bold colors from becoming overwhelming. Texture is everything in this set, from the leather bag, to the braided belt, to the hammered metal earrings, to the patent leather wedges. I love this look, because… well… it’s nautical for one…. but I think the thing that pulled it all together for me was the earrings – the texture is SO fun, the color is perfect, and it totally gives the outfit a beachy-boho vibe! Oh… and IĀ love the shoes!!! What could be better than bright red patent leather Gucci wedges???? (Pssstttt… the answer is nothing ;P)

Spring Profile No. 2


Using derivatives of “Nectarine” and “Emerald” from Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette.

Fun, preppy color is the idea in this set. Bright coral and turquoise blue take center stage here, while black and white neutrals back them up. This look is sleek, but gets a remix from the measured doses of pattern in chevron and honeycomb. Honestly, I love the colors because they remind me of the ocean out on an exotic island with all the different species of tropical fish…. So you have that exotic color palette, but it gets grounded and functionalized by the utilitarian black… But then again, to add another layer of texture and feel to the outfit, you have a messy, but feminine aspect brought in with the hairstyle and the pleating in the shoe. A bit technical, but I really believe that layering styles is what makes a good outfit a great outfit with dimension.

Spring Profile No. 3


Using derivatives of “Tender Shoots” and “Dusk Blue” from Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette.

Ā  Takin’ it back! Denim shirts are back in from the 80’s, and they get a new vibe when paired with fresh colors that echo the eco-friendly, organic mindset that’s so big right now. In this set, the colors are the main attraction. They play off of each other, with the powdery blue providing a canvas that the green can stand out on. The resulting look is “calm spattered with energy”! Overall, the look is super fresh and funky, bold and punctuated, retro and modern. But overall, just fun! By the way, I have to point out the awesome clutch (texture, guys, texture) and the earrings (I can’t put a finger on why, but they’re just gorgeous!!!)….

Spring Profile No. 4


Using derivatives of “Linen” and “Grayed Jade” from Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette.

The epitome of indie meets girly. “How?”, you may ask. Well, a lot of the girly look comes in with the sweet and innocent pastels, sequins, and shine. Then comes the indie adventurer in the form of irregularly shaped stone, jute rope, and untamed hair. So again, the attraction in this set is the mix of characters and the use of dramatic and seemingly unrelated textures and accessories, leaving nonchalant pastels far from boring!!! Looking at it, this set is also a little beachy and reminds me of an older beach house that’s more refined and classy šŸ™‚

Spring Profile No. 5


Using derivatives of “African Violet” and “Lemon Zest” from Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette.

This set uses principles of color relationships – complementary colors (the yellow and purple) and monochromatic (the different shades of purple). The look, again, uses a background color (purple) and a standout color (yellow). This color combination makes the whole outfit energetic and bold. However, there is also attention to detail here with the lace pattern in the top, the embossed design on the clutch, and the intricate metalwork in the bangles – all of which are a little Indian inspired, further adding to the exotic feel! This outfit definitely the kind of bold that gets reserved for a night out, but you can make it work for daywear by using neutrals as the base and using just the accessories instead šŸ™‚

So that’s the end of this post, but I hope you enjoyed it, and as always, like, comment, and follow! Thanks so much, and hopefully I can post again soon!!!



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