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Feathers – Fad or Forever (UPDATE) December 5, 2012

Hello all!!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (AGAIN), but finals week at college starts next week, and a lot of my final projects have been due in the last couple of weeks. But anyway, I’d hoping to do a few posts of random things (my Black Friday haul), a Christmas season styling guide, some pictures from a recent trip to NYC, and whatever else I can manage to come up with! Today though, this post is another update on the feathers trend, which I keep thinking is going out of style, but it seems like although it’s not a huge clothing trend at this point, it’s still going strong on the jewelry side. On a recent trip to Joann Fabrics, I saw that Blue Moon Beads (a fun company that does a lot of work with metal and glass beads), has a new line/collection that’s all feathers, whether metal or actual feathers. So I stole my mom’s phone and took some pictures for you all, and here they are!


Blue Moon Feather Jewelry


Blue Moon Feather Jewelry

So this is just a large scale picture to give you an idea of the items in the line. They’re mostly just necklace pendants, or earring pendants that can easily be put on earring hooks or jumprings and attached to a necklace chain. Most of the pieces have a Bohemian feel to them, but some (like the bright blue earring components and the multicolored ones) are more reminiscent of the version of the feather trend that was big this summer and last summer. The materials used are mostly chain, metal, crystal, and some glass… (and feathers, of course xD)


Antiqued metal and glass pendant

This goes back to the last update I had on this trend 🙂    Again, metal feathers are big in the jewelry industry right now, and I thought this pendant really just captured the Bohemian spirit of the trend, not only with the feathers, but also with the color of the metal and the incorporation of the glass accent.

Metal Father with Crystal accent

Metal Father with Crystal accent

This  pendant looked like it was made out of a base metal and then covered in enamel (and I guessed right! See – “Metal Enameled Pendant” :P). My favorite part is the random crystal, which is unexpected, but cute!

Feather, chain and crystal components

REAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYYY long, dangly earrings. That’s all I have to say 😛            I almost bought a pair of these over the summer, but I wasn’t sure about their functionality…. for those of you who have worn these, don’t they get caught in your hair or in your food? Still not sure about this trend, but some people can definitely pull it off!


Shell and feather components

Ok…. so I don’t remember if these were just sequin discs or shells…. I think they were shells though… so, in that case… not sure if I would’ve put the shell and the feather together, but it’s an interesting mix 🙂      Definitely boho! The shells are capiz, which was also a minor trend this summer, and I personally love them because they’re so beachy, come in so many colors, and are delicate and just cute!


Black swan metal and feather component

Ok, this one was ABSOLUTELY my favorite piece out of all of them (the birds were my favorite – there’s one more after this one). I thought it was SUCH a fun udea to mix the metal and the feathers that way – i love flat objects that incorporate 3-D elements, and this was so chic… Love the metal the swan’s head is in, and the fuzzy, voluminous feathers (sorry, I’m geeking out here :P) just make it so fun. ALMOST bought it, but the pendant was really big, and being as tiny as I am, I wouldn’t have been able to do it justice, haha. Oh well! The next picture is a closeup of the pendant, so you can see how reflective the metal is, and how the designers got the feathers to work (thought that was ingenious!)


Black swan close-up



Quetzal metal and feather component

Told you I loved the birds!!! This was another one of my favorites – the quetzel (an exotic bird found in Central America) is such a pretty bird, and I thought that this unexpected, different mix of feather and metal just brought out the exotic, almost mythical quality of the bird… And the color is so vibrant… Anyway, I loved it, haha 😛

So that’s my latest update on the feathers trend… hope you enjoyed! If you liked any of these pendants and such, the company again, is Blue Moon Beads, and it’s carried at major craft stores (Joann’s, A.C. Moore, and possibly Michael’s too – I don’t remember about Michael’s for sure), and you might also be able to find these on their website (http://www.bluemoonbeads.com). Until next time, happy fashion!



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