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Feathers – Fad or Forever (UPDATE) November 25, 2012

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Hello all! First of all, I hope you guys had an awesome thanksgiving and for all my fellow black friday shoppers, I hope you were able to score! (By the way, my black friday was pretty awesome :P)

So anyway, a while ago, I did a post about feathers in fashion, and said that time would tell over the next couple months whether it was a style that was going to stay or go. And well…. it seems like it’s going! While there are remnants of feathers in accessories, most celebrities have left the trend behind as of late summer/early fall. But don’t completely discount this trend! While actual feathers aren’t the hottest jewelry trend in the world anymore, the feathers fad is still lingering in it’s latest form – metal feathers. Here are just a a few examples of how this trend has morphed into what looks like it’s final stage before it disappears again.

Betsey Johnson Gold Tone Feather Drop Earrings (Macy’s) – $35



So this is all I have for now, but I’ll be posting a couple more updates with whatever remnants of this trend I can find!! Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. – all photos were taken directly from each website 🙂


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