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Pantone Fall/Winter 2012 Color Trends! (Part 1) November 17, 2012

So, I happened to have more free time on my hands, and I figured I’d take advantage of it and do another post! This one is actually going to be on Fall/Winter 2012 color trends(according to Pantone), because it’s current, and just because color happens to be one of my favorite things in the whole world! So let’s get started! I’ve taken Pantone’s 10 fall color predictions (and since they don’t have winter colors, I’m assuming that the fall ones apply to winter as well, haha) and given you my take on them, my ideas for color pairing, and one OPI nail polish and one shoe that are in each of the 10 colors so that you can try it out yourself (and all for under $50 :P). And by the way, I’m splitting this into two post so that it’s not so overwhelming, haha… So here they are!

    Pantone Fall 2012!

As you can see, the color palette for Fall 2012 is based on a lot   of brights (so definitely don’t put your bright summer clothes away yet – layering is key this season!) – Pink Flambe, Tangerine Tango, Bright Chartreuse, and Olympian Blue carry the color impact in this palette, while Honey Gold, Rose Smoke, and Rhapsody give it a whimsical quality that is grounded by French Roast and Titanium. Overall, this palette is characterized by fun, vibrant, and exciting colors, but it’s still practical thanks to the neutrals and the tamer colors 🙂

So, let’s get into each color individually!


French Roast: French Roast is a very down-to-earth, no nonsense color. It serves as a grounder when paired with lighter or brighter colors, and evokes practicality, and a little bit of masculinity. My favorite combos for this color are Rose Smoke to evoke a more feminine feel, Bright Chartreuse plus a pop of Tangerine Tango for a mod vibe, and Honey Gold for a Neo-Classic look or a modern look that’s a little warmer than most. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Get in the Expresso Lane” by O.P.I.





Honey Gold: Honey Gold is a fun color that shouts “WINNER” about the person wearing it! It’s a warmer color that lends a sunny air to anoutfit, but is practical enough for everyday life. Pair it as an accent with Ultramarine Green for a funky twist, with Olympian Blue for a strong, bold look, or with Rhapsody for a mod, but understated air. To give this color a go, try the following.

“The It Color” by O.P.I.






Pink Flambe: This gutsy color represents the height of girliness! A new take on hot pink, the infusion of berry purple in this color gives it a look that’s a little more mature than it’s parent color. Pair it with French Roast for a feminine office look that has some punch to it, or with Bright Chartreuse and Olympian Blue for a super bold and modern look, or with Rose Smoke and Titanium for an understated feminine chic. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Senorita Rose-lita” by O.P.I.

Nubuck Ankle Length Women’s High Heel Boots (Milanoo.com) – $26





Tangerine Tango: This bold color has been a long time coming as 2012 Color of the Year. It has a lot of character, and being a form of red, looks good on all skin tones! It’s also versatile because it can create a statement outfit if used as a main color, but can also take a backstage when paired with an office outfit or something similar. To modernize and professionalize it, pair it with French Roast (preferably with a plaid or tweed suit with both colors in it), or with Ultramarine Green for a mood that reminds viewers of Summer days, or with Rahapsody for an epic understated complement. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Atomic Orange” by O.P.I.

“Anna” (MDKN) – $47






Ultramarine Green: A more bluish take on teal, this color has a vibrant quality that is somewhat subdued by the tone, allowing it to stand out or recede, depending on what it’s paired with. To make a statement with this color, pair it with Pink Flambe for a juicy bold look. For a less dramatic look, pair it with Titanium or Bright Chartreuse (the almost monochromatic look tones down the vibrancy off the two colors). To give this color a go, try the following.

“Go On Green” by O.P.I. (While lighter than Ultramarine green, this color is still in the same color family, so you’ll get an idea of this color :P)

Glossy Patent Platform Pump (Charlotte Russe) – $30

Well that’s it for now! I’ll finish this post up by tomorrow night (hopefully!), but please let me know what you think so far! If you read this post and like it, just hit the little like button! it’s super easy and it means so much! Love you guys!



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