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Dedicated to my readers from the Netherlands… November 13, 2012

Ok, so it’s been forever since I’ve been able to do a real post, but I’m having a light week so far, so i figured I’d take advantage of it!
So the background story behind this post – I love looking at the stats on my wordpress blog just to see what foreign countries are looking at my humble blog (I’m kind of obsessed with stuff outside of the US :P)… and I found out that I actually have some viewers from the Netherlands (which i thought was super awesome), so I’m doing this post on a designer from the Netherlands, dedicated to all my wonderful fans from the Netherlands! And for the rest of you, I love you all too, and stay tuned for posts from your country πŸ™‚

Anyway, the designer I chose is Viktor & Rolf, which is a fashion house based in Amsterdam founded by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren who met at college in the 1960’s and founded the company in 1993. So I’ve included some pictures from the Spring 2013 Collections (found on Women’s Wear Daily)… Enjoy!

Ok, so from what I’ve seen by this design house, they’re really into neutrals and metallics (at least for the Fall-Spring season!). And this is just one design that exemplifies both qualities! I thought the design was interesting because it’s so simplistic, but the fabrics make it really different! The bodice looks almost like it’s made of rayon, so it hugs the figure nicely, but there’s also a twist to that idea, as they’ve added some tough structuring (likely with shoulder pads) in the shoulder. So the whole design starts out looking like a to-the-point practical outfit… until you get to the sarong-draped skirt in bright silver. I still have no idea what that fabric is, but it almost looks like some sort of metallic pleather – but anyway, it’s just a fun twist to an otherwise simple outfit!

Such a fun design! The draping is really elegant and the beaded trim only adds to an already very cool dress! The color choice is definitely a very pastel/neutral palette, which goes with the whole Viktor & Rolf season theme. I also love the one-shoulder deal with the little 1/4 length sleeve on the one side… overall the way the dress is so skillfully draped and wrapped makes it a classic fashion hit with a subtle modern edge.

Definitely an interesting design! I think my favorite part of it is the cropped cable sweater πŸ™‚ And I’m not usually one for clothing that advertises itself on the outside (I personally feel like it usually looks tacky), but the way this is done is both fun and classy! And the drapey pants are definitely an interesting touch to the outfit.

Hahahaha, I want a pair of satin trousers….. Anyway, this look is SUPER adorable and very classy! The subtle twist on the classic white tee (the twist is found in the detail in the cap sleeve and the way it’s tucked to the front…) is really unique, and has SO much character when paired with a pair of mauve colored high-waisted satin trousers topped of with a huge, oversized bow… Overall a fun look that could revolutionize femininity in the office, if it ever makes it’s way to the states…

Again, a classic look with a funky twist! The new take on the classic white dress comes in metallic design on the side (a bow motif that echoes a theme throughout the entire collection). I also found the hint of American “power dressing” in the sleeves interesting – they’re nowhere near as dramatic as some of the designs from the fall 2012 collection, but you can still see remnants of it even after the change in season πŸ™‚

There’s definitely a nebulous quality to this design… you can’t tell if it’s a one-piece outfit, and if it’s not, where one part ends and the other begins… which makes it a fabulous choice for shorter people (as long as you;re not being swallowed by the fabric!) but the continuous line (or spiral in this case) of the drape direction keeps the eye moving and prevents the eye from separating the body into halves, which creates the illusion of height. I also love the simple harmony of edgy and feminine – you can see this in the severe lapel and the button down collar and bodice that eases into a super drapey bow and continues in the rest of the piece. It’s a fine line between a harmony and a war, but it definitely works!

A common element in the designs from this season is definitely drape (an interesting contrast to the fall season which emphasized severe shoulders and hard lines). The line of the gown is definitely simple, but the color blocking (note the use of classic black and white) gives it a modern edge (also a common theme here!). The design itself (the fabric used, the way the dress falls, etc.) almost reminds me of the typical woman’s dress in ancient Greece (not sure why, but it does!)

Classic story – white dress with fabulous drape and a very artistic feel to the way it’s done.

Another Grecian-looking gown! And again, it’s perfect! I love the color (its somewhere between a cream and a warm honey color), and it was an EXCELLENT choice for the red-haired model. There’s a whole science to the color choice, but it worked for me because it’s in the same color family so the colors mix really nicely, but it’s a muted color that’s definitely complimented by the gorgeous red, but can share the stage with it while not receding into the background.

So to end it all, i just wanted to thank all of my Netherlands readers – you guys are so awesome, and I love seeing that you actually read my blog! Thanks so much and keep reading!!



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