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Feathers – Fad or Forever (UPDATE) November 25, 2012

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Hello all! First of all, I hope you guys had an awesome thanksgiving and for all my fellow black friday shoppers, I hope you were able to score! (By the way, my black friday was pretty awesome :P)

So anyway, a while ago, I did a post about feathers in fashion, and said that time would tell over the next couple months whether it was a style that was going to stay or go. And well…. it seems like it’s going! While there are remnants of feathers in accessories, most celebrities have left the trend behind as of late summer/early fall. But don’t completely discount this trend! While actual feathers aren’t the hottest jewelry trend in the world anymore, the feathers fad is still lingering in it’s latest form – metal feathers. Here are just a a few examples of how this trend has morphed into what looks like it’s final stage before it disappears again.

Betsey Johnson Gold Tone Feather Drop Earrings (Macy’s) – $35



So this is all I have for now, but I’ll be posting a couple more updates with whatever remnants of this trend I can find!! Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. – all photos were taken directly from each website ๐Ÿ™‚


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Pantone Fall/Winter 2012 Color Trends! (Part 2) November 19, 2012

Alrighty, so as promised (although I think I might be a little late, haha) I’m back with the second half of my Fall/Winter color trend post ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope you guys enjoy!

Ok, so just in case you guys forgot what the color palette was, here it is again! And we’re picking up at Bright Chartreuse (which happens to be one of my favorite colors :P)

Bright Chartreuse: So, Bright Chartreuse is not only one of my favorite colors (yes, I am a little biased :P) one of those fun colors that makes everything pop, but is a lot more subtle than Tangerine Tango. For more of a monochromatic look, pair it with Ultramarine Green, or with Rhapsody for a fresh, but quieter look. To experiment with this color, try the following.

“Did It On Em” by O.P.I (from the Nicki Minaj Collection :P)





Olympian Blue: Olympian Blue is a more modern take on the traditional blues, such as Marine, Navy, and Baby Blue, and it’s a color that might stick around for a while (it’s so much looser and more fun than most blues, haha). Pair it with Tangerine Tango for a bold, graphic look, or with Titanium to introduce a neutral. To experiment with this color, try the following.

“Blue my Mind” by O.P.I




Titanium: Titanium is one of those great colors that will go with anything! A lighter color trend than gunmetal, it’s versatile, as it can be either commanding or subtle. To make a commanding statement, pair it with French Roast or Honey Gold, or make a subtle statement by pairing it with Rose Smoke or Pink Flambe. To experiment with this color, try the following.

“Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine” by O.P.I. (from the Germany Collection)





Rhapsody: Rhapsody is an adorable color that emodies the wistful dreamer. It’s a quiet color that lends a serene, calming air to any outfit, especially when paired with colors like Ultramarine Green or Rose Smoke. For a more modern look, pair it with Honey Gold. To experiment with this color, try the following.

“Do You Lilac It” by O.P.I

Blue Plaid Pointed Toe Zipper Cloth Women’s High Heel Booties (milanoo.com) – $47.15





Rose Smoke: Rose Smoke is a color similar to Rhapsody, but it has more of a girly pink feel. Pair it with French Roast for a feminine look with a little power, or with Ultramarine Green for a laidback look. To experiment with this color, try the following.

“Bubble Bath” by O.P.I

Alright, well I’ve come to the end of the Pantone all/Winter 2012 color trends post… Hope you all enjoyed it and that you’ll try some of these colors out this season! Thanks so much for reading!!


Pantone Fall/Winter 2012 Color Trends! (Part 1) November 17, 2012

So, I happened to have more free time on my hands, and I figured I’d take advantage of it and do another post! This one is actually going to be on Fall/Winter 2012 color trends(according to Pantone), because it’s current, and just because color happens to be one of my favorite things in the whole world! So let’s get started! I’ve taken Pantone’s 10 fall color predictions (and since they don’t have winter colors, I’m assuming that the fall ones apply to winter as well, haha) and given you my take on them, my ideas for color pairing, and one OPI nail polish and one shoe that are in each of the 10 colors so that you can try it out yourself (and all for under $50 :P). And by the way, I’m splitting this into two post so that it’s not so overwhelming, haha… So here they are!

ย ย ย  Pantone Fall 2012!

As you can see, the color palette for Fall 2012 is based on a lotย ย  of brights (so definitely don’t put your bright summer clothes away yet – layering is key this season!) – Pink Flambe, Tangerine Tango, Bright Chartreuse, and Olympian Blue carry the color impact in this palette, while Honey Gold, Rose Smoke, and Rhapsody give it a whimsical quality that is grounded by French Roast and Titanium. Overall, this palette is characterized by fun, vibrant, and exciting colors, but it’s still practical thanks to the neutrals and the tamer colors ๐Ÿ™‚

So, let’s get into each color individually!


French Roast: French Roast is a very down-to-earth, no nonsense color. It serves as a grounder when paired with lighter or brighter colors, and evokes practicality, and a little bit of masculinity. My favorite combos for this color are Rose Smoke to evoke a more feminine feel, Bright Chartreuse plus a pop of Tangerine Tango for a mod vibe, and Honey Gold for a Neo-Classic look or a modern look that’s a little warmer than most. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Get in the Expresso Lane” by O.P.I.





Honey Gold: Honey Gold is a fun color that shouts “WINNER” about the person wearing it! It’s a warmer color that lends a sunny air to anoutfit, but is practical enough for everyday life. Pair it as an accent with Ultramarine Green for a funky twist, with Olympian Blue for a strong, bold look, or with Rhapsody for a mod, but understated air. To give this color a go, try the following.

“The It Color” by O.P.I.






Pink Flambe: This gutsy color represents the height of girliness! A new take on hot pink, the infusion of berry purple in this color gives it a look that’s a little more mature than it’s parent color. Pair it with French Roast for a feminine office look that has some punch to it, or with Bright Chartreuse and Olympian Blue for a super bold and modern look, or with Rose Smoke and Titanium for an understated feminine chic. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Senorita Rose-lita” by O.P.I.

Nubuck Ankle Length Women’s High Heel Boots (Milanoo.com) – $26





Tangerine Tango: This bold color has been a long time coming as 2012 Color of the Year. It has a lot of character, and being a form of red, looks good on all skin tones! It’s also versatile because it can create a statement outfit if used as a main color, but can also take a backstage when paired with an office outfit or something similar. To modernize and professionalize it, pair it with French Roast (preferably with a plaid or tweed suit with both colors in it), or with Ultramarine Green for a mood that reminds viewers of Summer days, or with Rahapsody for an epic understated complement. To give this color a go, try the following.

“Atomic Orange” by O.P.I.

“Anna” (MDKN) – $47






Ultramarine Green: A more bluish take on teal, this color has a vibrant quality that is somewhat subdued by the tone, allowing it to stand out or recede, depending on what it’s paired with. To make a statement with this color, pair it with Pink Flambe for a juicy bold look. For a less dramatic look, pair it with Titanium or Bright Chartreuse (the almost monochromatic look tones down the vibrancy off the two colors). To give this color a go, try the following.

“Go On Green” by O.P.I. (While lighter than Ultramarine green, this color is still in the same color family, so you’ll get an idea of this color :P)

Glossy Patent Platform Pump (Charlotte Russe) – $30

Well that’s it for now! I’ll finish this post up by tomorrow night (hopefully!), but please let me know what you think so far! If you read this post and like it, just hit the little like button! it’s super easy and it means so much! Love you guys!



5 Winter 2012 Hair Trends! November 14, 2012

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More slow time! So happy I can actually post on my blog again, and I really do apologize for being so behind!

Anyway, I’m kind of into hair trends, and in browsing around to see what’s new this season, I found some great articles and analyses that inspired this post! So I’ve shared my version with you ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Trend #1 – Buns:

I have to admit, I’m a little crazy about buns. There’s so many different ways you can wear them – from Princess Leia’s cinnamon buns in the Star Wars movies (which I would suggest you NEVER EVER EVER wear unless you’re going for fashion suicide) to to Vanessa Hudgen’s laidback-gorgeous messy bun at the 2012 Peoples Choice Awards to DVF’s professional chic bun (picture below), each way is different, and expresses many different personalities (or even sides of a personality). Aside from being a chameleon, the bun is a fashion classic that never gets old, even though it’s been around for forever, and depending on the type you go for, it can be SUPER simple and easy to do! Anyway, I’m rambling, so on to the visuals!

DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg)

Louis Vuitton

Rick Owens – According to Glamour Magazine (in the UK), to make this bun, simply ” Twist your ponytail into two strands, braid them together and twist into a bun…”

Vanessa Hudgens (2012 People’s Choice Awards) – I had to include this, just because this is like my signature style! It’s so easy to do if you’re running out of time (SECRET: I literally roll out of bed and do this sometimes!)

Trend #2 – Center Part:

Funny how things keep re-appearing… I thought the center part went out of style ages ago! I’m not crazy bout this look (it’s not a universal thing that everyone can pull off), but if you can do it, go for it! I still have yet to see a center part that doesn’t look severe… So let me know if you have!

Roberto Cavalli

Gucci – I guess this could be sort of classified as not severe…. still not sure about it though…

Trend #3 – Ponytails:

Always and forever in style. I love it because it’s super easy, looks effortless, and allows accessories and clothing to take a center stage without completely making the hair disappear ๐Ÿ™‚


Jason Wu – This look is both kickback (Glamour Magazine brought up the point that it looks very Spice Girls, which looking at it now, I totally agree with!), and futuristic (the height of the ponytail, the no-nonsense gelled look, and the wide band keeping it in place), a pairing that I love!

Jil Sander – the low-twist ponytail is ridiculously easy to do, and very laidback.

Trend #4 – Quiffs and Bouffants:

These are always interesting! The bouffant is a style that was huge in the 60’s, and a lot of the classic classic examples of it, like Amy Winehouse’s, Bridgette Bardot’s, and of course, little miss Audrey’s, came from that period. And I just feel like the quiff has been in and out since the 1950’s, getting picked up at one time or another by celebrities like singer Rihanna, actressย Marion Cotillard, fashion idol Kim Kardashian, and my personal favorite, Amy Heidemann from the band Karmin. Anyway, these are interesting styles that probably won’t be seen a lot in the general population, but for the fashion risk takers? Keep a look out!

Derek Lam

Derek Lam – I’m not entirely sure why, but this style (and the model) reminds me of a girl I met over the summer who rocks this hairstyle (except the back part is an afro) like nobody’s business…

Moschino – Oh… my… gosh…. Talk about love at first sight! WAYYYY to cute! The headscarf is an ADORABLE addition, and the graphic cateye liner, plus the dramatic red… I could totally see this look on Amy Adams for a red carpet event… Love it!

Amy Heidemann (KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2011)- Again, I can’t finish this section without including a picture of Amy! She has such a unique and fun twist to the normal quiff, I couldn’t help but to include it ๐Ÿ˜›

Trend #5 – Fearless Color:

For all of you who always looked the boxes of “Splat” color (the $7 boxed ones with the crazy colors you keep seeing at Target, Walmart, and drugstores everywhere) and decided not to try it because people would think you’d gone crazy, NOW is the time to do it! Crazy colors and bright hair dye hues are in this winter. Excuse me while I go purchase my Splash kit in bright red…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier


Well, that’s my post on hair trends for this winter! Hope you enjoyed it, will try some new ones, and I will probably be back with more posts this week, so stay tuned, and thanks so much for reading!!

Dedicated to my readers from the Netherlands… November 13, 2012

Ok, so it’s been forever since I’ve been able to do a real post, but I’m having a light week so far, so i figured I’d take advantage of it!
So the background story behind this post – I love looking at the stats on my wordpress blog just to see what foreign countries are looking at my humble blog (I’m kind of obsessed with stuff outside of the US :P)… and I found out that I actually have some viewers from the Netherlands (which i thought was super awesome), so I’m doing this post on a designer from the Netherlands, dedicated to all my wonderful fans from the Netherlands! And for the rest of you, I love you all too, and stay tuned for posts from your country ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the designer I chose is Viktor & Rolf, which is a fashion house based in Amsterdam founded by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren who met at college in the 1960’s and founded the company in 1993. So I’ve included some pictures from the Spring 2013 Collections (found on Women’s Wear Daily)… Enjoy!

Ok, so from what I’ve seen by this design house, they’re really into neutrals and metallics (at least for the Fall-Spring season!). And this is just one design that exemplifies both qualities! I thought the design was interesting because it’s so simplistic, but the fabrics make it really different! The bodice looks almost like it’s made of rayon, so it hugs the figure nicely, but there’s also a twist to that idea, as they’ve added some tough structuring (likely with shoulder pads) in the shoulder. So the whole design starts out looking like a to-the-point practical outfit… until you get to the sarong-draped skirt in bright silver. I still have no idea what that fabric is, but it almost looks like some sort of metallic pleather – but anyway, it’s just a fun twist to an otherwise simple outfit!

Such a fun design! The draping is really elegant and the beaded trim only adds to an already very cool dress! The color choice is definitely a very pastel/neutral palette, which goes with the whole Viktor & Rolf season theme. I also love the one-shoulder deal with the little 1/4 length sleeve on the one side… overall the way the dress is so skillfully draped and wrapped makes it a classic fashion hit with a subtle modern edge.

Definitely an interesting design! I think my favorite part of it is the cropped cable sweater ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m not usually one for clothing that advertises itself on the outside (I personally feel like it usually looks tacky), but the way this is done is both fun and classy! And the drapey pants are definitely an interesting touch to the outfit.

Hahahaha, I want a pair of satin trousers….. Anyway, this look is SUPER adorable and very classy! The subtle twist on the classic white tee (the twist is found in the detail in the cap sleeve and the way it’s tucked to the front…) is really unique, and has SO much character when paired with a pair of mauve colored high-waisted satin trousers topped of with a huge, oversized bow… Overall a fun look that could revolutionize femininity in the office, if it ever makes it’s way to the states…

Again, a classic look with a funky twist! The new take on the classic white dress comes in metallic design on the side (a bow motif that echoes a theme throughout the entire collection). I also found the hint of American “power dressing” in the sleeves interesting – they’re nowhere near as dramatic as some of the designs from the fall 2012 collection, but you can still see remnants of it even after the change in season ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s definitely a nebulous quality to this design… you can’t tell if it’s a one-piece outfit, and if it’s not, where one part ends and the other begins… which makes it a fabulous choice for shorter people (as long as you;re not being swallowed by the fabric!) but the continuous line (or spiral in this case) of the drape direction keeps the eye moving and prevents the eye from separating the body into halves, which creates the illusion of height. I also love the simple harmony of edgy and feminine – you can see this in the severe lapel and the button down collar and bodice that eases into a super drapey bow and continues in the rest of the piece. It’s a fine line between a harmony and a war, but it definitely works!

A common element in the designs from this season is definitely drape (an interesting contrast to the fall season which emphasized severe shoulders and hard lines). The line of the gown is definitely simple, but the color blocking (note the use of classic black and white) gives it a modern edge (also a common theme here!). The design itself (the fabric used, the way the dress falls, etc.) almost reminds me of the typical woman’s dress in ancient Greece (not sure why, but it does!)

Classic story – white dress with fabulous drape and a very artistic feel to the way it’s done.

Another Grecian-looking gown! And again, it’s perfect! I love the color (its somewhere between a cream and a warm honey color), and it was an EXCELLENT choice for the red-haired model. There’s a whole science to the color choice, but it worked for me because it’s in the same color family so the colors mix really nicely, but it’s a muted color that’s definitely complimented by the gorgeous red, but can share the stage with it while not receding into the background.

So to end it all, i just wanted to thank all of my Netherlands readers – you guys are so awesome, and I love seeing that you actually read my blog! Thanks so much and keep reading!!



The Difference Between WEAR and DARE November 12, 2012

So this is one of maybe two sets that I’m going to enter in a Polyvore contest – kind excited, but not oping too much – it’s more for fun, haha ๐Ÿ˜›
Let me know what you think though!!

The Difference Between WEAR and DARE

Motel dress
$68 – nelly.com

Blonde Blonde leather jacket
$80 – bankfashion.co.uk

Nicholas Kirkwood high heels
$565 – brownsfashion.com

Debut ivory shoes
$29 – debenhams.com

Oasis vintage jewelry
$29 – oasis-stores.com


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