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Fall Street Fashion Trends! October 1, 2012

Another slideshow I went through (this one was from fabsugar.com) was an overview of the street fashions seen during fashion week… I thought it was super interesting and decided not only to share some of my favorite looks, but also different ways that YOU can get the look – for a LOT less than they did! Enjoy!!

So the first trend I found was colored pumps. I love this trend because pumps are a classic shoe that every woman has (or should have) in her closet, and in fun colors like these, you can wear them into the office or any other more classy place and still look in place, but also like you have a sense of fun!

Here are some shoes that totally fit the look and are affordable too!

Another look was red as the main color – which I love, because red is one of those colors that looks good on everyone – so it’s icing on the cake that it’s totally in vogue right now!

Get the look with dresses and other awesome pieces like these (By the way, while the Modcloth dress is a little on the pricier side, I couldn’t help but include it just because it’s so cute!)…

And We’re Live dress by Modcloth – $47.99

Next trend is floral print – which is always in, but gets a mini-makeover every season… 🙂

Get the look yourself with all kinds of clothing and accessories in this timeless print!

Metallics is another trend that comes in and out over and over again!

Metallics can be totally overwhelming if they’re worn all over – no matter how old you are! So if getting into the full rocker metallic getup is a little intimidating, try it in small doses – like only one article of clothing, or a few scattered accessories.

Another trend is tough outerwear – denim and leather jackets (both of which I am obsessed with!) I own a cropped denim jacket which I absolutely love, and used to have another one (although that one got lost a couple years ago, which was the saddest thing ever)… and I’m always on the lookout for an affordable leather bomber that fits me! So this is a trend I’m super happy to see!

Ok, so I’m expecting a tough hunt for some super cute affordable tough jackets… we’ll see how it goes… but I will do it!

Blue Dark Wash Denim Jacket by Dorothy Perkins – $35

Haha, well that wasn’t so bad!! Lesson learned: Always try before you give up!

Fit and flare – A trend that I think will be popular if only because it’s just cute!

This is an interesting silhouette that I found was super popular with a lot of Dorothy Perkins dresses… but I did find a couple others!

Leopard Fit and Flare Dress by Dorothy Perkins – $22

Another street style hit was bold stripes. This is great for tall people, because it breaks up the body length and gives the illusion of a person who’s not as tall 🙂

The trick with this trend is to only use one striped thing at a time – otherwise it gets much too busy and can make your eyes go crazy!

Who doesn’t love a fun pop of color in the middle of a low key outfit? Well street fashion said orange was the way to go! And seeing that the color just lends itself to being an accent that just pops, I have to agree!

Again, the rule “Less is more” comes into play. Use orange as an accent to pop out an outfit rather than an entire outfit (unless you really want to be seen from a mile away!)

Oxblood is one of those weird colors that sounds a lot worse than it looks! Give it a little time, and it might grow on the general public – despite the name!

The buybook:

Oxblood Skirt by Dorothy Perkins – $29 (SALE)

Faux Leather Mini Skirt by Windsor – $14.90

Varsity outerwear is a trend that I personally don’t like much – varsity sweaters usually overpriced,  don’t fit right, and really don’t do anything for me – but while it’s not a trend I’m dying to wear, it’s still a trend!

Another big one now is dresses with flats – ballerina flats, flat sandals, whatever…

The best thing about flats is that they’re both seasonal and versatile – in the spring and summer you can go for flat sandals, while for fall you can wear ballet flats, and flat boots for the winter 🙂

Leather, once material only suitable for accessories is taking center stage now in main clothing articles…

While real leather is obviously a little on the pricier side, there are a lot of different options for fake leather that looks reasonably authentic – and costs a lot less! So here are a few of my favorites!

Clothing with bold prints was another trend that got a lot of popularity on the streets during fashion week.

Just a warning for all the small people like me (who, by the way, are just super awesome, just sayin’ – haha, my signature phrase is “what short people lack in height, we make up for in personality”) – big, bold prints can be really overwhelming on a small frame, so use them with caution! Try a bold accessory, like a scarf or printed bag, or, if you really want to do the clothing thing, go for a print that’s small, but has impact (like the Motel leggings).

The final trend I want to highlight is cutoff shorts – usually distressed or cuffed, but there are some tailored cutoffs out there – but they’re huge right now!

Also a versatile trend, you can take shorts into the cooler weather (best in fall) by wearing them with leggings or tights underneath, preferably in a fun pattern or in sheer!

 Whew!! Well, if you made it to the end of this post, you really deserve a standing ovation! This post took me a couple days to finish, so it would really mean a LOT to me if you’d just take a few seconds to put in a comment, like the post, or even follow me! And for those of you who already follow me, you guys are the best! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. After I went through this, I realized that it looked like one huge advertisement for Charlotte Russe! It was not intentional – they just happen to make inexpensive adorable clothing! (and I love them :P)


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