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Feathers – Fad or Forever? September 28, 2012

So, for my fashion class, I have to take one trend that’s super popular right now, and track it over the next couple months.. which should be interesting! So my trend is feathers – which have been super hot since like last year – and since then, have taken on a ton of different forms, such as these….

Selena Gomez wearing feather extensions at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Ke$ha wearing feather extensions

Gwenyth Paltrow sporting feather earrings at the 2011 Grammy Awards

Feather earrings by Bebe

Drew Barrymore wearing a feather headband to panel discussion of her movie, ” Grey Gardens”

It’s Little Things “Can’t Get Enough Teal” feather headband

Emma Watson in a Rafael Lopez feathered mini at the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” world premiere in 2010

Sue Wong feather trim dress at Bloomingdale’s

Feather mini skirt by Urban Code

Feather Shoes by BHLDN

Feather fringe necklace at Forever21.com – $10.80

So… feather extensions, earrings, necklaces, headbands, dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, and so much more! Where will this trend go? Will it continue to thrive and grow? Or will it die? We’ll see over the next couple months!



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