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Fall Style – The Modern Way (Polyvore Set) September 26, 2012

Haha, I’m definitely in love with this new color combination, inspired by the background photo and my own imagination 🙂

I love how perfectly the colors work together – Just the blue and the off white together might be very cold and austere – but the orange totally makes it pop and gives it a modern, funky vibe, updating the whole look…

Although, the clothes and the color are super important, I also think the font and the other little things you add into a set also make a difference. For instance, here, I up-played the modern edge by using the little monogram thingy (no idea what it is, but the color is perfect, and it’s super modern), a minimalist font, and very modern color blocking in the bottom right corner. And even if you’re not making Polyvore sets, this is totally something to keep in mind if you’re making trendboards, or anything else similar…

So there’s my lecture! Hope you enjoyed and were inspired!


Fall Style - The Modern Way

Clutch purse

Simply silver
$20 – debenhams.com

CASE MATE case mate

Matte nail polish
$9.74 – topshop.com

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