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Bubblegum and Orange September 20, 2012

So I started this set out with the bubblegum strapless dress, and just started thinking about what colors would make the whole outfit pop… I started out with an electric blue, but I ended up feeling like the blue was competing with the pink rather than complementing it… and then I stumbled on this orange color, and really loved the way it looks – especially in just the few pops of color (earrings, ring, bracelet, nail polish). Oh, and by the way, my sets are FAR from perfect! I realized after I looked at it that the orange was really concentrated in one spot (the nail polish, ring and bracelet are all pretty much in the same area). Thankfully they’re not huge objects, so it’s not too bad, but be careful about doing this when you put an outfit together, as you run the risk of having competing colors when the brighter (or more potent) color is overly concentrated.

So anyway, hope you enjoyed!


Bubblegum and Orange

Vero moda
$17 – amazon.de


Elle jewelry

Essie nailpolish
$23 – nelly.com

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