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Saffron and Sky September 19, 2012

Well just in case you didn’t know, I’m also highly inspired by color!! Loved this powder blue dress (it really inspired everything else), and I had fun playing with colors that would go well with it ūüôā

In the different outfits (casual vs. dressy), you can see how the amount of color changes the tone of the look – in the casual outfit, the saffron yellow gives it a bolder, more modern vibe, while in the dressy outfit, the blue gives it a more dreamy, romantic feel, that is complemented (not overwhelmed by the splotches of saffron in the accessories – i.e. the clutch and the earrings)

So anyway, hope you enjoyed this simple color lecture! As always, let me know what you think by commenting or liking this post!


Saffron and Sky

Strapless dress

Skinny jeans

Nelly Shoes platform shoes

Mar Y Sol raffia handbag

Emily Miranda beach jewelry

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