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Alice + Olivia Spring 2013 September 15, 2012

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Going through all the pictures from New York Fashion week, and one designer totally caught my eye…. so I’m sharing it!

Love the color, first of all – so cute! The marble pattern, skinny bow belt and ruffles peeking out at the hem just make it adorable! Adorable party dress – I totally wouldn’t mind wearing it!

I like the colors (obviously), and the direction of the stripes gets changed up between the bodice and the skirt is so cool! It gives the illusion of two separate pieces, but still makes it fee like one by using the same pattern… very cool. By the way, just saying… those shoes would be even cuter if they were open toed pumps with a midsize bow… xD

Really liking the marbled/watercolor patterned fabric… and the belt… I would probably have done with a different hair color (only because it would have grounded the outfit – the white blond hair just makes it look paler), but that’s beside the point…

A-dorable. Nicely put together, and just really cute!!

Oh. My. Goodness….. love this concept!! The top totally reminds me of a classic shirtwaist dress from the 50’s, especially with the belt, but after that? Totally new concept! I love the full skirt – it bridges the gap between maxi dress and shirtwaist, and revamps two different classics and gives it a totally new and adorable look!

She looks like a china doll!!! SO adorable! The colors are amazing, and the tiered look is adorable… not to mention the sheer yoke over the strapless part… Just an awesome look!

Well, I just posted this because I’ve seen the style lately, and don’t know if I love it or hate it yet… it’s weird because it looks like an attempt to merge the miniskirt (or midi skirt) with the maxi skirt, just with unconventional layering (sheer over solid)… So who knows! Just thought it was interesting!

Well, I suppose that’s it!! Let me know what you think!



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