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Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 Runway Collection September 14, 2012

Well, one thing led to another, and now I’m going through Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2012! I’ve included some of my favorites from the runway show, so let me know what you think 🙂

By the way, just in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, Oscar de la Renta is one of my absolute favorite designers… along with Lazaro Perez (he designs bridalwear for JLM couture), Marchesa, Alexander McQueen (his “casual” wear scares me, but I love the gowns), and Vera Wang.

Anyway, enough about me! Here are the pics you’ve been waiting for!

Love the simple but elegant black and white color scheme and the way it’s paired with the tights and shoes… classy with a little bit of funky to it 🙂

That stole looks like it’s made out of a bathrobe… it has to be comfy! Plus it’s such a cute pink!

I love the fur vest… and the ombre boots?? Amazing… I would absolutely wear it!

Similar to the first dress, but a lot more intricate when you look at the details! I love the wide collar (I’m not sure exactly what the technical name is, so if anyone does, please let me know!), and the way he makes the dress pop and look 3D by adding actual beads and feathers to the printed design (at least that’s what it looks like to me :P). The makeup is so cute – simple, but it’s that nice dewy look that few can master…

I’m crazy about tweed… it’s just such a funky texture and a great mix of colors and uncoventional thread… super cool… and it looks amazing in this dress. The colors are right on, and I like the mix of textures throughout the whole outfit – the almost silky hair to the sequin looking sweater to the rough tweed to the fishnet stockings and the boots… the use of tons of different textures really adds interest to the whole look.

While some people might call this boring, I like the simplistic elegance to it. The A-line silhouette is a classic because it flatters all body shapes, and I like the solid color. The interest comes in with small details, like the wrap and asymmetrical pleating, the collar, and the jeweled pin.

Oh goodness…. I saw this and just thought “how weird is that??? but it’s awesome!” First of all, I like the color, and second of all I’m crazy about the detail with the pleats and buttons down the middle – so cute! And the giant layered strip ruffle at the bottom… can’t describe it any other way than unique… it just looks awesome 🙂

Finally! The part I’ve been waiting for… the gowns 😛
I’m not really crazy about the skirt… I think the black totally overpowers the rose color instead of co-existing with it (i might have inverted the colors to avoid that…), but I love the way the top drapes and how the colors go together…

Soooo cute! I love the beading up it the bodice…. It’s so colorful… the whole thing reminds me of strawberry ice cream with jimmies on top… or cotton candy with little multicolored jewels sprinkled on top (which is random, but would be adorable :P)
I could totally see this gown with a pair of multicolor glitter stiletto pumps that matched the beading or crystals on the bodice (whatever they are)… or a crystal encrusted bangle that matches the colors…

SUCH a Disney Princess dress… I really have nothing more to say… except that I think every girl, underneath, has still loves (to some degree) the Disney princess fantasy from childhood 🙂

And of course, the man behind the magic, Oscar de la Renta himself 😀

Well this has to be my longest post… congrats if you actually made it to the end! Please let me know what you think! Hope you enjoyed it 😀


P.S. – If you want to see the whole collection, check out the slideshow on style.com here – http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2012RTW-ODLRENTA/#1


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