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Earrings from wetseal.com September 14, 2012

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OMG! Just saw these earrings on polyvore and they just emailed me to tell me it’s on sale (they send you notifications on items you’ve saved to your polyvore “items” when they go on sale…. which I think is awesome :P)

Anyway, I think they’re super pretty and I’m thinking of getting them ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย ย  Right now though, they’re more just a style inspiration ๐Ÿ˜›

So, three ways to style it.

1) The Edgy Rocker Look

So first, a top that looks like a flapper dress with the layers of fringe – except the fringe is made of skinny gunmetal chain segments………. maybe different shapes (like oval, rectangular, and round), but all small and skinny, and all in a gunmetal finish (maybe with some silver chain thrown in… black leather pants, dark gray or medium gray ankle boots or knee high boots… maybe with a black fedora or newsboy cap to top it off ๐Ÿ™‚

2)ย  The Artist Look

Red tribal print maxi dress: $44.00

I would definitely go with some form of a maxi dress… my favorite would be this one by Dorothy Perkins… (also pretty in brown)

Other maxi dresseses I might pair these earrings with would be this one (also by Dorothy Perkins), and the one below it by Awear (and Ireland based company). Pair the red maxi dress with a pair of metallic gold or silver gladiator sandal, the hi-low dress with a pair of gunmetal sandals, and the butterfly print dress with light pink or any pastel colored sandals or flats with a hair accessory to match ๐Ÿ™‚

Cascade hem maxi dress: $35

Mela butterfly print maxi dress: $19

3) Smart Chic

So for this look, I would recommend something like a gray cable sweater (maybe with flecks of lighter or darker gray yarn woven in to mirror the “speckled” look in the earrings, paired with black trousers and dark gray pumps or gray trousers and black pumps. Or for a dressier look, try a gray dress with a simple A-line silhouette in linen or cotton, paired with fishnet stockings, and pumps. Plus the perfect manicure to match the earrings!

So anyway, there’s my styling advice for the day! It’s crazy how you can build a whole outfit (or two or three!) from one piece that really inspires you! Now go try it!



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