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First Prom (Polyvore Set) September 13, 2012

Hello everyone! So this is the first of many Polyvore sets that I will be posting to my blog. I’ve been on Polyvore for 8 months now, and I swear it’s one of the most addicting sites in the world. Basically you have a HUGE database of clothing, jewelry, accessories, backgrounds, photos, furniture, home decor – basically anything and everything you can think of – that you can pull together into a set (like the one below), which you can either make from a template, which makes things faster, but you’re very limited as to what you can do, or you can do free-design (like the one below), which I prefer, because you have a lot of freedom to manipulate the objects and get it pretty close to what you’re looking for. So anyway, enough of my Polyvore advertisement… except that it’s FREE and awesome 🙂

Their website (polyvore.com) has all the info, so check it out and join!! And if you’re already on, you can follow me using the link on my page (http://empiredesigns21.polyvore.com/)
Anyway, here’s the set! Enjoy!!

First Prom

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